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Borani Banjan

Borani Banjan is one of the most popular dishes in Afghanistan. You can often find it served with  other dishes like Qabuli Palaw at many gatherings in the country. This delicious dish has become a staple on the menus of various Afghan restaurants in Australia. Although dishes similar to Borani Banjan may have been cooked in other neighbouring countries, our experience tells us that the way it is cooked in Afghanistan is much more delicious and tasteful than in other countries. Despite the eggplants being peeled and diced, the method used in Afghanistan creates a uniquely delectable taste. This taste is increased when it is served with the addition of yoghurt mixed with garlic.

Borani Banjan - Rumi Palace

Borani Banjan - a popular vegetarian dish

Borani Banjan is also considered to be a vegetarian dish as no meat is used during the cooking process. It is a cherished vegetarian dish loved by many in Afghanistan. The star of the show is the eggplants as the main ingredient of this meal. These eggplants are combined with the aromatic blend of spices and ingredients. This delightful mixture is then simmered to perfection. The final touch is the addition of creamy yoghurt and a sprinkle of dried mint that adds a refreshing finish to the dish.

If you are looking for a delicious vegetarian food, we suggest you do not skip Borani Banjan. It is one of the popular vegetarian dishes at Rumi Palace, that has been ordered and served in large quantities in different gatherings and events at our restaurant.

Borani Banjan at Rumi Palace

The Borani Banjan prepared in Rumi Palace is distinct from what you might find in other places. We have a special sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, onions, and our unique blend of spices that makes this dish special at our restaurant. After frying the eggplants until they are perfectly golden, they are gently simmered in this flavorful sauce. Once they are well-cooked and tender, they are placed on the plate where we previously spread yoghurt mixed with garlic. We sprinkle some tantalising herbs and fresher vegetables on top of it to make its flavour more tasteful.

Borani Banjan is one of our top-selling dishes, and we have received excellent feedback from our customers. The combination of the eggplants with the sauce, combined with the creamy garlic-infused yoghurt, creates a unique taste that keeps our guests coming back for more. The balance of flavours and textures in Borani Banjan is what makes it truly unforgettable. 

Give that, come and join us for a delightful dining experience where you can savour the flavours of Borani Banjan and other famous Afghan dishes such as Ghabli Uzbeki. With a warm and welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and a diverse menu of tasteful dishes, Rumi Palace is the perfect destination to experience the true essence of Afghan cuisine. 

More about this delicious vegetarian dish

As with many Afghan dishes, Borani Banjan has a special place in our hearts and culture. It reflects the richness and diversity of Afghan cuisine, and showcases the use of spices and ingredients to create a balance of flavours. Our current customers have given us numerous positive feedback about this dish. Therefore, we invite you to try the delicious taste of Boarni Banjan at our restaurant whether you are new to Afghan cuisine or you are a longtime fan. You will experience the warmth and hospitality of Afghan tradition with each bite. With a blend of carefully fried eggplants in oil, fried with onions, tomato paste, coriander powder, turmeric, and garlic, this dish becomes a gathering of tastes.

Other vegetarian options

There are other vegetarian dishes available at Rumi Palace that you can try and enjoy the mouth-watering options available in our menu. Feel free to browse to our Vegetarian | Vegan Options page to see a list of other options. Most of these dishes are served with salads that can bring more vegetables into the table making your dining experience special and memorable.