Enjoy delicious and authentic Afghan kebabs at Rumi Restaurant.

Ash-e Reshteh

Persian Noodle Soup (VEG, Vegan Available)

Noodle cooked with onions, spinach, parsley, lentils and beans, spiced with turmeric, black pepper & garlic, decorated with yoghurt, mint and saffron.


Rumi Soup

Persian Barley Soup

Pearl barley and rice cooked with chicken stock, fresh herbs (parsley, spinach, chive, dill and coriander), beans and lentils, decorated with yoghurt.



(VEG, Vegan Available)

6 pastry pieces, flesh herbs, garlic, green beans and carrot served with chutny.



Afghan Fried Dumpling( VEG)

Fried dumplings stuffed with leeks and spring onion topped with lentils and yoghurt.



Afghan lentils dumpling

Steamed dumpling stuffed with lamb mince, lentils, topped with lentils and yoghurt.