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Ghabli Uzbeki

Ghabli Uzbeki, also known as Ghabli Palaw or Uzbeki Palaw, is considered as Afghanistan's national dish and is among the most popular foods in the country. If you travel to Afghanistan, regardless of the location you visit, be it the north, south, east, or west, you can be certain to find Ghabli on the menu of any restaurant. It is a food that is usually served at gatherings and celebrations in all parts of the country. However, this dish is particularly famous in Afghanistan due to its association with the northern region where the Uzbek people reside. It is believed that the Uzbeks possess the mastery of preparing this dish and can cook it exceptionally delightful.

Ghabli Uzbeki - Rumi Palace

Ghabli Uzbeki is typically prepared with tenderly cooked lamb and infused with various spices like cardamom, garlic, black pepper, and turmeric. These spices can enhance the warmth and taste of the dish. This flavourful dish is a common feature at various gatherings and ceremonies in Afghanistan. Essentially, Ghabli is a rice-based dish, and in its traditional preparation, it is mixed with sultanas, friend carrots, powdered cardamom and turmeric. In some regions of Afghanistan, people add a touch of luxury to Ghabli by sprinkling crushed pistachios and almonds atop the dish. However, at Rumi Palace in Australia, we have considered the sensitivities of some customers who may have allergies to certain ingredients, and thus, we have omitted nuts from the preparation. Consequently, our Ghabli Uzbeki is nut-free.

Cooking the Perfect Ghabli Uzbeki

Traditionally, Ghabli Uzbeki requires a special pot and stove top arrangement in order to ensure the best cooking results. This includes a round-bottomed iron pot similar to the Chinese wok, but it is larger in size. The meat is gently simmered under a low flame for at least three hours, allowing the spices to infuse the meat thoroughly. When the meat is tender and flavorful, we begin the rice preparation. The secret to achieving the delicious taste of the rice is the use of the meat broth during the cooking process. In addition, our selection of spices is carefully calibrated to create a balance and avoid an overpowering or underwhelming taste. The outcome is a dish that customers often praise for its exceptional flavour which is distinct from the traditional Ghabli Uzbeki they may have tasted elsewhere.

Ghabli Uzbeki is traditionally served with lamb or mutton. However, we offer an alternative pairing in Rumi Palace in order to cater to the preferences and needs of our customers who may not consume red meat for various reasons, such as health or dietary choices. Alongside the classic lamb Ghabli, we serve a succulent chicken leg. This chicken leg is expertly cooked to provide an equally delightful experience. This flexibility ensures that those who prefer chicken can also relish the flavourful Ghabli Uzbeki.

Ghabli Uzbeki

Misconceptions about Ghabli

Some mistakenly refer to Ghabli Uzbeki as "Kabuli Pulao," possibly due to the association with Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. However, it is important to note that there is no dish called "Kabuli Pulao" in Afghanistan. The correct name is Ghabli Palaw, with its roots in the northern regions where the Uzbek and Turkmen populations primarily reside. Since Uzbek people in northern Afghanistan excel in preparing this dish, it is widely known as Ghabli Uzbeki.

Authenticity Preserved

At Rumi Palace, we have made immersive efforts to maintain the authenticity of Ghabli Uzbeki while adapting to the resources available in Australia. Our use of Basmati rice and lamb ensures the dish remains true to its origins, and we carefully blend ingredients such as onions, garlic, ginger, and an assortment of spices like salt, red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, and cumin to achieve the perfect flavour profile.

Discover the delicious taste of Ghabli Uzbeki at Rumi Palace, where we proudly present a delectable journey through Afghan cuisine. We have tried our best to preserve tradition and deliver exceptional taste to our valued customers. Join us and savour the rich history and flavours of Afghanistan!