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Sabzi Polo Mahi (Rainbow Trout with Rice)

Generally, the dish made from any type of fish served with herbed rice is called Sabzi Polo Mahi which is a popular food in Iranian cuisine. Mahi is a general name for fish, and Sabzi Polo means herbed rice. However, we use rainbow trout in our restaurant. Therefore, our Sabzi Polo Mahi is rainbow trout with rice. But be aware that any type of fish with herbed rice is called Sabzi Polo Mahi in Iran.

Sabzi Polo Mahi (Rainbow Trout with Rice) - Rumi Palace

As you may know about rainbow trout, it is a popular freshwater fish and is commonly sourced from rivers, lakes, and fish farms. It is known for its favourable taste and is often considered a more affordable seafood option. That is why we have chosen that for our Sabzi Polo Mahi meal in our restaurant.

Coming back to the traditional cuisine of Sabzi Polo Mahi, the rice in this dish includes some fresh herbs such as dill(shivid) that give a special and flavourful taste to this rice. This dish holds a special place during the Persian New Year (Nowruz), and it is a must-have on New Year's Eve. But its popularity goes beyond Nowruz as it is a favourite at various festive occasions and popular in restaurants across the country.

Sabzi Polo Mahi has some nutritional benefits. First, the fish can provide a good source of high quality protein. In addition, the fresh herbs used in the rice and rice itself can provide a source of dietary fibre. Herbs used in cooking the food, especially dill, contain some minerals and vitamins. And, finally, rice can serve as a source of carbohydrates for the body.

Sabzi Polo Mahi (Rainbow Trout with Rice) at Rumi Palace

Rainbow Trout is called "Ghezel Ala" in Persian, and we use them to prepare our Sabzi Polo Mahi. Although the cooking and marination methods of fish with herbed rice in Iran and Afghanistan are similar, we consider this dish as an Iranian dish. The reason is that rainbow trout are mainly called "Ghezel Ala" in Iran, and they are quite popular in the country. 

The way we prepare and serve Sabzi Polo Mahi at Rumi Palace is special and makes this dish a popular and favourite choice for our customers. After we thoroughly clean and wash each rainbow trout that weighs between 450 to 500 grams, we marinate it with garlic, yoghurt, onions, and some special spices. After the fish is properly marinated, it is ready for cooking. We fry the trout, but it is not deep-fried, instead, we fry it inside oil until it is well-cooked. 

After the trout is properly fried, it is served with either Baghali rice or plain white rice. It is customary to serve this dish with a type of rice that only includes dill (shivid) as it is also called sabzi polo. However, at Rumi Palace, we already have a type of rice that contains dill and fava beans and we use it for serving Baghali Polo with Rice which we also call it baghali rice. Given that, we use this baghali rice for Sabzi Polo Mahi rather than creating a separate type of rice with only dill. But the decision is up to the customer whether they like the trout served with plain white rice or the flavourful baghali rice. Additionally, the accompanying lemon and chutney that come with the dish can add an exceptional twist in taste to this dish.

We warmly invite you to try out the delightful flavours of Sabzi Polo Mahi at Rumi Palace. Whether you are celebrating Nowruz or simply looking to try a taste of Persian tradition, our Sabzi Polo Mahi is a delicious choice. Our chefs carefully prepare this traditional Persian dish with the utmost care, and ensure that each bite is a taste of fresh and delicious herbs, rice and fish. We can also provide this meal at special occasions or events that are booked in our restaurant. You can talk to our team members for more information.

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