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About Ash-e-Reshteh

Ash-e Reshteh is a beloved Iranian dish known for its rich flavours and nutritious ingredients. It is among the dishes that can be used as an appetiser, although it is a complete meal in itself. It is a nourishing and delicious dish made with a variety of ingredients, including noodles, legumes, and herbs. As it contains legumes, it can be a good source of fibre for the body. In a word, Ash-e Reshteh holds a special place in Persian cuisine.

In addition, since Ash-e Reshte consists only of vegetables, it is a favourite dish among vegetarians and vegans. You can find this food in our Vegetarian and Vegan Menu as well.

Ingredients of Ash-e Reshteh

The main ingredient of Ash-e Reshteh in the traditional way is dough which is called Reshteh. Simply, Reshteh are wide, flat noodles made from a mixture of wheat flour and water. These noodles are a distinguishing feature of this dish. However, creating Reshteh from dough is a very time-consuming and labour-intensive task that is not financially feasible for a restaurant. For this reason, in our restaurant, we use pre-made Reshteh noodles, which are readily available in most Iranian or Afghan grocery stores in Adelaide.The next ingredients of Ash-e Reshteh are the greens (or vegetables) used include parsley, chives, coriander, and spinach. The combination of these vegetables give a vibrant green colour and refreshing flavour to this dish.

Next are the legumes that are used in Ash-e Reshteh. The main legumes that are usually included in this dish are beans, chickpeas, and lentils. These legumes provide a protein boost and contribute to the thick consistency of this dish.

They also make this full of energy and suitable for treating certain illnesses such as common cold. Furthermore, some specific spices are added to enhance the flavour and taste of Ash-e Reshteh.

How Ash-e Reshteh is prepared at Rumi Palace

At Rumi Palace, we follow the traditional way of cooking Ash-e Reshteh with the exception that we buy the premade Reshteh noodles (as mentioned). When the dish is ready to be served or is ordered by a customer, there are certain ways that we scoop the food on the bowl and prepare it for being served.

The standard way: After we fill the bowl with Ash-e Reshteh, we top it with a layer of garlic yoghurt and garnish it with a sprinkle of dried mint and fried onions. This adds a refreshing and delicious taste to the dish.

Non-dairy way: In this way, after we fill the bowl with Ash-e Reshteh, we add a little vinegar or lemon juice followed by black pepper, dried mint and fried onion. This is a different way to make a flavourful and tasty Ash-e Reshteh.

Vegan-Friendly: For those customers who are vegan, we do not add the yoghurt. The non-dairy way is also another option for our vegan customers.

For those who cannot consume dairy: The same as the vegan-friendly way, the yoghurt is not added to the dish. The non-dairy way is also another option for these customers.

Food at Rumi Palace

Ash-e Reshteh is not just a traditional dish. Indeed, it is a culinary masterpiece that combines the rich flavours of multiple vegetables and legumes and spices into one delicious and tasty meal. Its blend of fresh herbs, legumes, and spices, along with the iconic Reshteh noodles, creates a wholesome and hearty meal that satisfies both the palate and the soul. Ash-e Reshteh is also traditionally cooked for people who are sick with illnesses like common cold to give their body the energy they need to fight the disease. 

Whether enjoyed during festive gatherings or as a comforting bowl of warmth on a chilly day, Ash-e Reshteh can be a suitable meal to go with. Its adaptability to different dietary preferences, including vegan variations, highlights its versatility and widespread appeal. We suggest you try Ash-e Reshteh at Rumi Palace.

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