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Start your meal with our tantalizing Afghan traditional entrees with an array of different choices available! While we are preparing your main meal, you can enjoy the delicate taste of some Afghan food as an entree such as vegetable-stuffed Ashak dumplings, Manto, or Samosa. Or maybe you can delight in the comforting flavours of our soups such as Rumi Soup which is delicately cooked.

Samosa - Rumi Palace


(VEG, Vegan Available)

6 pastry pieces, flesh herbs, garlic, green beans and carrot served with chutny.


Rumi Soup

Rumi Soup

Persian Barley Soup

Pearl barley and rice cooked with chicken stock, fresh herbs (parsley, spinach, chive, dill and coriander), beans and lentils, decorated with yoghurt.


Ash-e Reshteh

Ash-e Reshteh

Persian Noodle Soup (VEG, Vegan Available)

Noodle cooked with onions, spinach, parsley, lentils and beans, spiced with turmeric, black pepper & garlic, decorated with yoghurt, mint and saffron.


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