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Treat yourself to a delicious selection of Afghan kebabs at Rumi Palace, straight from the heart of Afghanistan. Enjoy the flavorful Joojeh Kebab with tender marinated chicken, or savor the mouthwatering Kebab Koobideh, made with perfectly seasoned ground beef. Each kebab is a masterpiece, grilled to perfection and bursting with incredible flavors. Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Afghanistan and let our kebab menu take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Kebab Koobideh - Rumi Palace

Kebab Koobideh (GF)

2 skewers of marinated lamb and beef mince served with basmati rice, grilled tomato, salad and chatni.


Joojeh Kebab - Rumi Palace

Joojeh Kebab (GF)

Marinated chicken in onion, capsicum & lemon juice with saffron then grilled. Served with basmati rice, grilled tomato, saland and chutni.


Mixed Kebab - Rumi Palace

Mixed Kebab (GF)

One skewer of kebab koobideh & one skewer of joojeh kebab with basmati rice, grilled tomato, salad & chutni.

Each extra skewer for $10.00


Wings Kebab - Rumi Palace

Spicy Chicken Wings

360g chicken wings marinated with onion, vinegar, yoghurt, salt and hot chilli


Wings Kebab - Rumi Palace

Lamb Tikka Kebab

Afghan style marinated lam tikka (Minimum 3 skewers)

$7.00 per Skewer

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