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Zereshk Polo with Chicken is one of the dishes with chicken featured in our restaurant. It is a classic Iranian dish that uses bone-in chicken, whole chicken or chicken maryland. We can say that Zereshk Polo with Chicken is one of the most famous and beloved Iranian dishes. You can spot it at many gatherings, wedding receptions, and various ceremonies in Iran. This dish has become a staple in festive occasions.

Zereshk Polo undergoes a unique transformation after the chicken is masterfully roasted, and cooked with a medley of house-made spices and sauces. It is then carefully presented inside a mound of white rice, topped with the delicious barberries, or Zereshk and combined with the fragrant touch of saffron. As we talk more about this dish, let us first get into the cultural significance of Zereshk Polo.

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Cultural Significance

Zereshk Polo is a staple in Persian cuisine that frequently appears on the tables during special occasions and celebrations. It is a symbol of hospitality, love, and togetherness, and has become an integral part of Iranian culture. This dish is not only cherished in Iran but also appreciated by food enthusiasts worldwide who savour the matching blend of sweet and savoury flavours. Often featured at weddings, family gatherings, and various festivities, it symbolises warmth and togetherness.

How Zereshk Polo is prepared at Rumi Palace

After the chicken is nicely roasted, it is prepared with a blend of special spices and sauces that we create in-house. This dish is typically served with white plain rice which is one of the three types of rice that we prepare in our restaurant. As the name suggests, we do not add any meat, greens or other toppings to the white plain rice. This type of rice is also suitable for other famous Iranian dishes such as Ghormeh Sabzi.

There are also two other types of rice prepared at Rumi Palace including Ghabli Polo Rich that is used for the most famous Afghan dish, Ghabli Uzbeki, as well as the Baghali Polo rice that is used for our other traditional meal, Baghali Polo. However, these two rices are not suitable for Zereshk Polo as their ingredients do not match. Given that, white plain rice is the best option to be served with Zereshk Polo.

For the rice topping, we use barberries, which are a key flavour enhancer. These small, red berries are the star of the show adding a tangy and slightly sweet flavour to the rice. With this added sweet and tart dimension by barberries or Zereshk, the taste of this dish is significantly enhanced. The preparation of barberries is simple; they are carefully mixed with a touch of saffron and a minimal amount of sugar. This combination not only imparts the flavour of saffron but also gives the rice a beautiful golden colour.

Chicken Maryland

Zereshk Polo is often served alongside a chicken or chicken juice for added flavour. The heart of this dish lies in the carefully selected bone-in chicken marylands. These succulent cuts of chicken play an important role in the dish that infuse it with rich and juicy flavours. Chicken Marylands are chosen for their ability to retain moisture and tenderness during roasting in order to ensure each bite has a delicious taste. This dish is exceptionally delicious, especially when you consider the combination of its saffron-infused rice and the delightful addition of barberries. These elements come together to create a highly sought-after culinary experience.


We invite you to try our Zereshk Polo at Rumi Palace and enjoy the delicious and flavourful taste of this dish. Whether you are enjoying Zereshk Polo at our restaurant or attempting to make it at home, it offers a sensory journey into the heart of food traditions. Its vibrant colours, unique flavours and cultural significance make it a must-try dish for those looking to explore the diverse world of Persian food.

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